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Cabinet Choices for your Upcoming Kitchen Remodel

Cabinets are distinctive elements in a kitchen, setting the tone and style of your culinary workspace. They are also typically the most costly piece of a kitchen remodeling project. Knowing your options will help you make a decision you won't regret down the road.

Important Cabinet Choices: Replace or Refresh?

Before bringing out the sledgehammer, consider whether you can achieve your goals by freshening up your existing cabinets, rather than replacing them completely. If your cabinets are of quality and your space is functional, a coat of paint may be sufficient to add sparkle and freshness to your kitchen.

Another option is to have cabinets refaced. Refacing involves replacing the front piece of the cabinet, which is the most visible component, and leaving the box intact. In addition to cutting costs, this procedure has the advantage of eliminating the need to install new floors or countertops.

Kitchen Remodeling: Out with the Old, In with the New

If your cabinets are better used as recycled lumber, it's time to go shopping. You'll have a number of decisions to make, including whether you want custom-designed or standard cabinetry. Most kitchens can be remodeled with standard (or stock) cabinetry, which ranges tremendously in cost and quality. A kitchen remodeling professional will be able to describe your options and know where to source your selection.

Custom-designed cabinets offer the greatest flexibility--at the highest cost. If you choose to go this route, be forewarned: You'll need a much longer lead time if your cabinets will be hand-crafted.

Getting the Most out of Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Whatever your choice in cabinetry, ensure you're getting a high-quality product. Consider the quality of material, hinges, doors, drawer systems, and finishes.

Cabinets are an investment--one that, if done right, can give you many years of satisfaction.





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