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Kitchen Remodeling Projects for Good Times and Bad

The recent housing and mortgage crisis has caused some homeowners to put off their kitchen remodeling plans, but those who are planning on staying in their homes for the long haul need not worry as much as those who are remodeling their homes only to entice potential home buyers. Remodeling Magazine has reported that although the industry is in a state of change due to the slow real estate market, many homeowners still want to invest in their homes and upgrade their kitchens for personal enjoyment and lifestyle reasons.

Kitchen Remodeling Projects To Consider

  • New appliances. Although consumer spending has slowed in the home industry, purchasing new appliances for your kitchen may still be a smart investment. New energy efficient appliances consume less power than older models, which can be reason enough to justify their cost. Also, with sales sluggish, savvy homeowners may find deals and discounts on kitchen appliances which were not available during the previous boom years. New appliances can cost between $8,000-$30,000, depending on which brands and models you choose.
  • New cabinets. Upgrading the the look and functionality of your kitchen can be accomplished with new cabinetry. Whether you want to incorporate different colors into your kitchen with painted cabinets, or you desire the traditional look of stained wood, new cabinetry can help your kitchen remodeling dreams become a reality. Choosing options such as built-in spice racks, sliding shelving, or deep pantry storage, can make your kitchen function better and make cooking more enjoyable. Prices for the new cabinets vary greatly, and it is often a give-and-take compromise when choosing materials and options--which helps to keep a remodeling budget in line.
  • New counter tops. One of the most noticeable elements of a kitchen is its counter tops, and upgrading older laminates with natural or engineered stone counter tops is still a priority for many homeowners. While today's remodeling budgets may dictate a mid-range style of counter top, instead of the most expensive granite available, new counter tops often top the "must-have" list. Some kitchens can be outfitted with new granite counter tops for as little as $3,000.

When deciding which kitchen upgrades and remodeling projects you are going to tackle, it is important to consider the benefits which they may have to your everyday life. Your kitchen is a big part of your daily routine, and remodeling it to suit your personal needs makes sense regardless of the state of the economy.

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