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Kitchen Remodeling Preparation

Preparing for a remodel is very important. Not only with it help the remodel to run more smoothly, but it will also help all the parties involved with the remodel. You should first sit down with your kitchen remodeling contractor and review the house rules and other areas of concern related to the remodeling project. Next you should remove breakable items, protect your floors and clean out the room.

Several things will need to be discussed with your contractors before the project begins. One important issue involves where they will be parking their vehicles. They will have to park somewhere near or on your property so if you have things that might be in their path make sure to move them elsewhere. If you have a certain spot in mind for them to park then talk it over with them.

Removing your dishes is one task that should be handled with care. Consider moving them to a spare bedroom if you have one available. You don’t have to pack them in boxes if you don’t want to. They should fine if you just lay them out on the floor or stack them on a bed. The floor might be a better bet considering the fact that dishes can break easily and they may fall off of a bed.

About a week before the project is set to begin, start packing the items that you won't need in your kitchen. Focus on all the items that are of value such as pictures, postcards from friends, collectables, pictures, etc. You should also remove any trinkets, plants, vases or other items on the kitchen window or on the window ledge. By the time the project begins you should have the room cleaned out and all valuable items removed.

The floors are another area that you need to consider. In some cases you may be having your floors redone in the remodel, but if they have been done prior to this remodel you will want to protect them. Purchase some carpet scraps from a carpet store and lay them over the kitchen floor to protect the surface from being damaged. You may want to tape them down to the floor with duct tape to prevent the carpet from sliding around, but be careful because the tape may damage the floors.

Bottom line, the preparation will require you to move everything of value some place safe and create an easy place for your contractors to work in. You don’t want them to have to worry about maneuvering around certain things or damaging others. Generally speaking, your remodeling project will turn out better when the contractors can focus on their job. By taking the above steps you will be eliminating unnecessary concerns and worries that can distract your contractors as they are working.

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