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Working With Kitchen Remodelers

Unlike having a deck built or having your basement remodeled, during a kitchen remodel you will have contractors in your day-to-day living space and within close proximity to other commonly used spaces. In some cases, you might have kitchen contractors in your home for 4-6 weeks, maybe even longer. The length of the project will depend on your specific remodel. Getting along with your kitchen remodeling contractors is essential to a comfortable experience. Here are a few suggestions to starting a satisfying relationship with your contractors.

Communicate With Your Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Communication is key to any healthy relationship. All arguments and misunderstandings arise from miscommunication. To prevent bad blood from forming between your contractors and yourself, put the effort forth to speak with your contractors about what you would like to have happen once they begin the remodel. Have this conversation after the materials and designs have been purchased and established, but before the work actually begins. Below are some areas that you may or may not want to cover in your discussion:

  • Arrange times in which you feel comfortable having your kitchen contractors working in your kitchen. If you don't want them working in your house before a certain time in the morning or past a certain time at night, discuss this with them. However, you need to realize that the more time restricted they are, the longer it will take to complete the job.
  • If you have special events planned in the near future that would require that a certain level of work be accomplished, such as working sinks and a usable refrigerator, let them know when you will need it by.
  • Discuss all house rules such as no cussing, no smoking, etc.
  • Let your contractors know where they can park their vehicles. The closer they can get to your house, the easier it will be for them and the less amount of time it will take for them to haul materials in and out of your house.
  • If you have a door in mind in which you would like them to use as they haul material in and out, discuss that with them.
  • If you are intending on letting them use your restroom, discuss which bathroom they should use. Keep in mind, if they must leave each time they need to use the bathroom, your project will take longer to complete.

Protect Your Home

Having your kitchen remodeling is a major invite for a good amount of traffic and construction in your house. Without the proper precautions, some valued items may be damaged in the process. The first thing you should do is purchase some carpet squares or and place them on the path your contractors use in and out of the house. This will protect your floors from getting scratched and keep the carpet from getting muddy.

In addition, you should also cover your furniture at this time. Consider purchasing thin sheets of plastic to protect your furniture with. You can also use blankets to do this. Lastly, remove any and all breakable items that may be in the pathway of your contractors. These items will get damaged if you leave them in the construction zone.

Customer Etiquette

It pays to be nice and this is true even with home remodels. Contractors appreciate a home owner that puts in the extra effort to make their lives a little easier. Their appreciation can come in the form of an early completion date, fewer mistakes, and sometimes at a discount. It isn’t guaranteed that a contractor will do one of these things, but by being nice you might get many more things in return than someone who is difficult to work with.

  • Permit your contractors to park close to your house so that it will be easier for them to haul their heavy equipment into the house.
  • Offer a restroom for them to use. They will greatly appreciate this and it will cut down on wasted time used to go find a place down the road.
  • If your kitchen professional is from out of town, let them know some good places to get food or get a drink after work.
  • Consider having coffee or snacks ready when they arrive in the morning.
  • Perhaps on Fridays or Saturdays, you could provide bagels or sandwiches for lunch. Consider having a pizza delivered to show that you appreciate all their hard work.

Once the contractor(s) work with you for a few, you will be able to come up with other ways in which you can be amenable to their work. However, always keep in mind that this is your home and you are paying for this project. By no means do you have to do anything except pay for it. However, doing a little extra will often ensure that your kitchen contractors do a little extra for you.

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