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Working with Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

If you're embarking on an ambitious kitchen remodeling plan, the following four points might come in handy.

Four Important Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

  1. It's best to get it in writing--to a point. Require a solid written contract that includes your responsibilities as well as the contractor's. You can even have your attorney look at it. But don't itemize details that require flexibility from both parties, such as daily starting times or whether your kids can watch. Keep the working relationship friendly.
  2. Mid-project changes will cost more money--and time. The kitchen remodeling estimate will be based on what you initially ask for. If you decide midway through the project that you'd like crown molding on your cabinets, or a wine rack, you'll probably pay extra and wait longer for completion.
  3. Stuff happens. With even the most experienced, conscientious contractor, problems can arise. Family crises, flu epidemics, bad weather, manufacturer shipping delays, and, yes, even contractor errors can make your project take longer. In addition, the price of key materials may skyrocket--or you may decide to add that wine rack. Tell your contractor your absolute price cap so that he or she can act accordingly.
  4. Kitchen remodeling is messy and inconvenient. It can create dust, fumes, and noise in your whole house--and keep you out of the most frequently used room. Talk to your contractor to find out what kind of a mess you'll have, how long it may last, and what possessions you should protect by moving or covering them. And if you have asthma or other breathing issues that might be exacerbated by dust or adhesive fumes, consider moving into a motel temporarily.

If you're realistic at the start of your project, your kitchen remodeling story may have a much happier ending.

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